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New Release His Angel by Kimberly Blalock

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When Evan Young walks into Abigale Hayes’s life she falls; mind, body, and soul for the man she thinks he is, having no idea that the secrets he holds in his hands will destroy the girl she is. Abby must decide how the truth will affect the relationship that has her craving more with every breath she takes and how she will take revenge into her own hands. Evan will die to protect Abby and will kill for her too. The events that unfold will change who Abigale is forever.

The Devil's Trap (In Darkness We Dwell #2) by Honoria Ravena - December 31st

Title: The Devil's Trap
Series: Into Darkness We Dwell #2
Author: Honoria Ravena
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 31, 2014
Pagan is the best vampire hunter money can buy. But, when she’s paid to kill one of the most powerful vampires in existence, she gets in way over her head. When things go south there will be no escape. 

Myths abound about the ancient vampire Nyx, claiming him to be so powerful that a blow to the heart won’t kill him. Even the vampire king fears his wrath. However, Pagan is different, and as soon as he sees her fire, he knows he’ll do anything to keep her. But she’s a stubborn woman.

But when Pagan's protection evaporates and an enemy from her past tries to murder her and her brother she'll be forced to trust Nyx. Because really, who is the larger threat? The man out to destroy mankind? Or the vampire determined to own her heart?

The Devil's Trap Excerpt © Honoria Ravena
I lunged, knife out, ready to slash at him. He jumped back in time to avoid the full blow, but I still caught him across the arm.
He hissed and glared at me. "You're sloppy, Pagan, you need more practice."
I smirked at the sight of blood. Oh yeah, I was going to enjoy causing him pain. He deserved it after what he'd done to my brother. "I got a slice of you, didn't I?"
"Sure, but that should've been a much more damaging blow than this little nick. You only got me because I thought I'd rolled your mind. I won't make that mistake again."
He disappeared in a blur of speed. He was too fast for my human eyes to track him. I spun around, expecting him to come at me from behind. He appeared by my side and knocked my knife hand. The blade went spinning.
I jumped back but stopped mid-retreat. I didn't want to escape him. I wanted him to pull me against his body, to forgive me for hurting him.
What was wrong with me? I was here to kill him. I didn't need his forgiveness.
He took a hesitant step toward me, and part of me yelled to draw my other knife while the other part demanded I caress his wounded arm and make sure I hadn't hurt him too badly.
A fog washed over my mind when he ran his hands up and down my arms. "Give me your knives, all of them."
"Don't give him jack shit, Pagan!"
I peered around Nyx and saw my brother. Deathly pale, with a sheen of sweat marking his face, my brother swayed on his feet. He leaned against the doorframe of the hallway, as if he couldn't stand on his own. I moved to go around Nyx. I needed to make sure he was okay, but Nyx seized my arm in a vise-like grip, stopping me in my tracks.
The master vampire frowned at my brother with disapproval. "How did you get away from Laedan?"
The corner of Jason's mouth tilted up, revealing one long, white fang. The blood left my head, and I actually placed my hand on Nyx's chest to keep myself from toppling over. God, my big brother really was a vampire. He definitely wasn't sporting any plastic fangs in that mouth of his.
"You shouldn't have left Laedan with me. You know a newly made, unfed vampire running on adrenaline is more powerful than a werewolf. Even one with fighting skills like his."
Nyx's eyes narrowed. "You didn't kill him, did you?"
"No, just had a little drink."
"You're not looking more powerful than Laedan," I said. My poor brother's face was a pale green, his eyes unfocused, as if he were knocking on Death's door.
Nyx glanced at me and placed his hand over mine on his chest. His frown of concern scrunched his forehead. "He's still changing."
Jason screamed and doubled over. I tried to jerk myself out of Nyx's grip, but he held firm, and the urge to move vanished as I watched my brother, horrified.
Nyx flinched. "This will be the last night he'll be in pain. Until then, he should really go lie down while I deal with you."
"I won't rest while you're trying to kill my sister, asshole," Jason gasped from the floor.
"I'm not going to kill her." He ran his fingers gently through my hair. A lover's caress.
"Pagan, get away from him." When I didn't move, he glared at Nyx. "What are you doing to her?"
"Touching enhances my hold over her." He released his grip on my arm and slid his hands up to my shoulders to pull me to him and kiss my throat. I jerked out of his embrace, unable to think. I had to get some distance from him.
My head ached, and my mouth was as dry as the desert. I drew my knife and backed away from him. "Let go of my mind, damn it!"
"Put that knife down." The order came through so clearly I couldn't tell if Nyx had spoken aloud or if it was all in my head.
Pain detonated behind my eyes. It was so ferocious I almost passed out. My hand shook so badly that I almost dropped the blade.
"Come here, damn it! Stop fighting me."
Agony scattered my thoughts. I stumbled as the weight of his mind crashed into mine. The knife clattered to the ground. My knees cracked as they hit the floor, but I barely noticed the pain. No physical sensation compared to what was going on in my head.
His commands bombarded me. I wanted to beg him to stop, to tell him I'd do whatever he wanted, but my teeth were clenched together against the words, and I couldn't force them apart.
Suddenly, everything stopped. I came to my senses, lying huddled on the floor, drenched in sweat. My short nails had managed to dig into my palms. I uncurled my fingers. Blood oozed from the little crescents indented in my palms.
"Get up, Pagan, damn it! You need to run." My brother started pulling me roughly to my feet.
"What happened?"
"I jumped Nyx, but he won't be down for long."
I glanced around and noticed the demolished bar. Broken glass and wood lay strewn everywhere. The mirrors behind the bar were cracked and coated in blood.
My brother shoved me toward the door, and I almost fell. He grabbed my hand to steady me and froze. "You're bleeding." His grip tightened around my hand, and I flinched.
He dropped my hand and spun away so fast that I couldn't track the movement. "Run, Pagan. You'll end up dead if you don't."
"You have to come with me. I can't leave you here."
He looked over his shoulder for a split second, but he didn't turn around. "Don't you get it? You're bleeding. Even if you weren't, I'm not sure I could go with you. Adrenaline got me this far, but I'm stretching my control to the limit just standing this close to you. I've resisted feeding until now. It's why I'm in even more pain than normal."
Tears streaked down my face. "Jason, I can't leave you here. He'll kill you for this."
I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. He hissed, baring razor sharp fangs. He knocked my hand away, covered his face, and backpedaled.
Tears completely obscured my vision. A sob tore through my body. "Jason, come with me! I can't... You keep me safe. It's my fault this happened to you. Please!"
He didn't take his hands off his face. "This isn't your fault."
The rubble that used to be the bar shifted before Nyx sat up.
He wiped the blood out of his eyes and pointed at Jason. "I'm going to kick your ass, boy."
Jason pushed me toward the door and took up a fighting stance in front of me. "Pagan, run! I'll find a way out, but right now you need to be somewhere safe."
I backed away, glancing around the bar. The Devil’s Trap’s patrons sat around watching the show, but none interfered.

When my gaze went back to Nyx, he was already up and heading toward me. He shoved my brother so hard Jason dented the wall. I turned and ran for dear life.

HONORIA RAVENA is the author of Fear of Darkness, The Devil's Trap and My Cyborg Savior. When not writing or reading romance she’s belly dancing, traveling or spending quality time with friends and family at her home in Texas. Visit her website and join her monthly newsletter to stay up to date on new releases, win prizes and enjoy tidbits of wisdom from a dancing writer’s daily life. 

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Wild Girls Rule by Rosalie Lario Everly Brothers #1 Publication Date: September 29, 2014 Genres: Contemporary, Romance Purchase from Amazon

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Wild Girls Rule Cover


Wild girls get what they want… After moving to New York City, Hailey Thompson lands a job as the assistant to her older brother’s best friend - and her childhood crush - Andrew Everly. Seeing Andrew again both thrills and terrifies her. The lighthearted boy she remembers has grown into an impossibly handsome man, but he’s also become a cold and ruthless businessman. When Andrew agrees to hire Hailey as a favor to his childhood friend, he still thinks of her as the fresh-faced girl that he knew growing up. On the contrary, she’s all woman. Temptation in a short skirt. As alluring as she is though, the little beauty is far too flighty for a man like him…not to mention that he’s her boss. As Andrew secretly struggles with his self-control, Hailey does everything in her power to crack his rigid fa├žade. After being forced to spend a weekend away together on business, Andrew’s rigorously sculpted mask of discipline begins to slip, and Hailey gladly takes advantage of the opportunity to educate him in the ways of seduction. He can claim all he wants that he likes his women elegant and controlled, but Hailey knows a dirty little secret…when it comes to matters of the heart, wild girls rule. Add to Goodreads

About the Author

Rosalie Lario Rosalie Lario is the author of the contemporary romance series, THE EVERLY BROTHERS, as well as the paranormal romance series, DEMONS OF INFERNUM and THE FALLEN WARRIORS. Rosalie double majored in Anthropology and Classics as an undergraduate student, and briefly considered becoming an archaeologist before realizing they don't actually live the life of Indiana Jones. So what was a classical geek armed with a lot of useless knowledge to do? Become a lawyer, of course! After attending law school in Florida, she practiced real estate law for several years before finally admitting to herself that negotiating contracts wasn't nearly as fun as dreaming up stories. When not writing, you can find her on a boat somewhere along South Florida's waterways, chasing down a rainbow or pretending to be a pirate.
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The Austin Series
C.J. Fallowfield

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Dec 24th - Dec 31st

The Austin Series Complete Box Set - (Prequel plus Books 1 to 6)

Available from Amazon now at a saving of over 60% on buying the books individually.

A roller coaster of emotions, passion, lust and drama, this is definitely not your typical new adult series and contains adult themes ~ Strictly for the over 18’s only.

The box set contains all six full length novels plus the prequel combined. Nearly 2,000 pages of sizzling erotica, swoon worthy romance, laugh out loud humour and drama. 

All seven books have ranked highly on the Amazon Humorous Erotica Bestsellers Charts, a number of them having taken the coveted number one spot on both the USA and UK charts.

** The Austin Series **

Following the lives of Mia Page and her best friend Lexi Clarke as they embark on a new life at University in England, The Austin Series is about personal growth, sexual awakening, the bonds of friendship, first love, and the development of trust in a sexual and romantic relationship, with the view to the ultimate commitment and a happy ever after.

When Mia and Lexi made a pact to change their lives, Mia planned on losing her virginity by embarking on a sex no strings affair. Having been abandoned by her father and let down by her first boyfriend, she was terrified of being hurt again, so sex was all she was prepared to offer. Her plan to remain completely detached, and leave her emotions at the door, were completely shattered by the gorgeous and very persistent Gabe Austin. As well as being her first sexual encounter, Gabe soon starts to chip at the walls around her heart with a view to winning her over completely. He wants to possess her, heart, body and soul. Their sexual and romantic journey forms the basis of the entire series, but due to their combined baggage, the ride is far from smooth. They are meant to be, but they will have to fight to try and hold onto each other and find a way to survive what life throws at them.

The books are designed to be read in the following sequence:

** Destined (The Austin Series Prequel) **
This novella gives an insight into the mind of Gabe Austin. It charts his life up to the day he meets Mia, and explains why he becomes the sexual, controlling, alpha male that he is today.

** New Leaves, No Strings (Book One) **
This explores Mia's pact to lose her virginity and remain completely emotionally detached while she has fun, while Lexi attempts to tone down her coping mechanism of one night stands in favour of trying to sustain a relationship. 

** Baggage & Buttons (Book Two) **
As Mia and Gabe get to know each other, flaws are revealed and work on their insecurities and issues commences. This charts their willingness to try and change, to let go and fall in love.

** Forever & an Engine (Book Three) **
Romance blossoms as Mia, Lexi and Gabe learn what it is to love and to be loved. They begin to realise that part of being in a relationship means that sometimes you have to have to put others needs before your own.

** The Honeymoon Period (Book Four) **
Love is tested during the period where relationships often fall apart. It's about their strength and determination to succeed, regardless of the obstacles placed in their paths.

** Love & Loss (Book Five) **
Some relationships strengthen, while others fall at the wayside. Mia, Lexi and Gabe begin to realise what’s important in life and start to let go of what is not. 

** Infinite Love (Book Six) **
In the concluding chapter of these characters lives, Mia and Gabe’s relationship is put to the ultimate test. Will it strengthen their relationship or tear them apart? Will everyone finally have their happy ever afters?

Box Set  99c Bargain

Quotes about The Austin Series
“A far better read than 50SOG”  - Tracy, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
If you love sexy, dominant, controlling, sensual alpha males that adore the women they love and would do anything for them you will also fall in love with Gabe Austin.” - Toni, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
“You will laugh and cry on the emotional journey you go on with these characters, loving every second of it. Highly entertaining it will keep you gripped for hours. All I can say is climb on-board, fasten your seatbelts and welcome to the ride of your life with Gabe & Mia.” – Chip, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
I cannot say enough about this series!!! I fell in love with it from the first page and could not get enough of Mia and Gabe. This series is HOT, STEAMY, and SEXY!!” – Michelle, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
“C.J. Fallowfield weaves this beautiful love story with angst, suspense, mystery, humour, hot steamy sex scenes and lots of love. I found myself on the edge of my seat several times. I lived an emotional roller coaster through all six books often finding myself crying so hard I couldn't see the words on the page and then laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom.” – Holly, Goodreads reviewer - 5*
“Hot, steamy, grab you by the seat of your pants and not let go story!!! The Austin Series is a MUST READ!!! Simply not enough adjectives to describe how much I LOVE this series. Jump on the roller coaster ride and feel every emotion possible.” – Pollie, Goodreads reviewer - 5*
“This series has made me cry tears of happiness, sadness, gut wrenching sobs as I felt the characters pain in parts, it's made me giggle, laugh out loud and put down my kindle as I was laughing too much to continue. I've also yelled in frustration at some of the very real human mistakes they made along the way. There was also suspense, plot twists and some serious tension. This is one series I am going to love returning to over and over and I can't wait to read more by CJ.” – Harriet, Goodreads reviewer - 5*
It was brilliant. Funny, scorching hot, tear jerking and gut wrenching. I absolutely loved it.” – Polly, Goodreads reviewer – 5*

C.J. Fallowfield

I write contemporary erotic romance novels, with humour, which are full of emotion and plenty of drama. I am a 44 year old female from the United Kingdom and live in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee, wine or cider.




After getting involved with Dylan, the bad boy of the Dixon High Swim team, Charley decides to stay close to home for college. Later, she realizes it’s a mistake, just like dating Dylan. Charley packs up her Honda and heads to Southern College. On the morning she’s about to leave, Cash walks back into her life. He has been her best friend since they were four and is the only one who knows the REAL Charley.Charley decides to live her college career to the fullest. She finds a great group of friends, joins the swim team, and meets a guy named Joe. Charley’s life comes full circle when her freshman year comes to an end. Will Dylan be in her past and Cash in her future? Or will Dylan continue to be an eerie constant in her life?

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Other Titles by Casey Peeler

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About the Author
casey author pic
Casey Peeler grew up and still lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Her first passion is teaching students with special needs. Over the years, she found her way to relax was in a good book.
After reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston her senior year of high school and multiple Nicholas Sparks’ novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading.
When Casey isn’t writing, you can find her listening to country music, spending the day at the lake, being a wife and dance mom, and spending time with friends and family.
Her perfect day consists of water, sand between her toes, a cold beverage, and a great book!

Cover Reveal for MOGUL by Katy Evans.

A brand new contemporary romance from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans is coming May 31st!...